Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello Again, the past 3 months!

Where to start... I'll talk about my boys.
Beginning with the handsome Zach. He is a wonderful older brother. I remind him on a daily basis that Grant and Bennett worship the ground he walks on and therefore needs to be an example at all times. Pressure yes, may cause anxiety problems in the future, maybe. But as for now this extra responsibility makes him think twice before he does something. Zach is excited to go to Young Fives. I am still wondering if I want him to go to full day school... we shall see. I know that he will love it, but I will miss having my right hand man with me. Zach still loves superheroes, and could watch them on TV all day long. One day I thought I would see how long Zach could watch TV, before he got sick of it. Bad idea! The mom guilt set in and I turned off the TV. I love how happy Zach is and how much he gets a kick out of planning things. To him the planning of the event is more fun than when it actually happens. Like today Timmy made a Batmobile and Zach was thrilled with the idea, sat in the batmobile car for a minute and then moved on to another plan that he had in mind. When he talks it is the best. Because he uses his hands, tries to look over his glasses and will do all that he can to make eye contact with you, preferably by grabbing your face to make sure you are paying attention to him. Zach prefers not to color or draw, but would rather use all the tape he can find in his grasp, cut things and his favorite is finding cardboard and cutting it with a butter knife. He also loves books read to him, and can sit for a long time, maybe I should see how long... but I don't know if that would be a fun game! Tools are still his love and he could build with his daddy all day long.
Grant is a little spit fire. He believes he is the same age as Zach and wants to do everything that Zach is doing. Grant is personality plus and loves to dance. The reason why he is still a little guy is because he works off his meal right before our eyes. He is on the bench at the table eating and dancing. I think we have found our Johnson runner in Grant. Not only does he have awesome form, but he also loves to practice running with his dad. Zach could care less about it, so when we go "running" Grant and Timmy are up in front and I am pushing Zach and Bennett in the stroller. Grant loves to play games and could play them all day long with someone (which is why he doesn't play them all day long because I am not that committed!). He loves to color and do homework. He takes his work seriously and wants his art displayed on the fridge. I think it's great how different Zach and Grant are, because there isn't a lot of competition going on at this stage in the Johnson family. Of course they are only four and two, so there is still time for it.
Bennett is a little delight. Timmy says that I need to stop acting like he is my favorite son. I tell him that I don't have a favorite son, I have a favorite age, and nine months is awesome. I don't know why I have a fetish with this awesome Bennett, maybe it's because I love his name, or because he has been to Sparrow hospital more than he should, so I feel extra grateful to have him. But he can do no wrong in my eyes. Zach and Grant know that if they do anything to the Bennett, it won't be to their benefit! Bennett is the one that I still get up in the night for to feed him. The others I didn't after six months. Which is why Bennett is so luscious and huge! Bennett is just happy, probably because he gets whatever he wants, but that is besides the point... I also told Timmy that I would not have cried for two days straight after I found out I was having another boy, if I had known that he was the Bennett! Yes he is that special!!! And no he is not my favorite child:) He has two bottom teeth, is crawling, pulling himself up to things, and refuses to eat baby food. He wants what we are eating and will go to great lengths to get it. When we are sitting at the table, he looks at the baby food jar with disgust, then stares at our food and grunts. and grunts until he gets it. Our dinner is quite the deal, Grant is dancing, Bennett is grunting, and Zach is in the zone and is trying hard to finish his huge plate of food. When we tell Zach that he took to much food, he considers it a challenge to finish. Life with three boys is so much fun. I am grateful for all that they teach me! Sorry about the long post.
Lexie took these amazing pictures! Thank you for letting us visit you guys it was amazing:)

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Adam and Nicole said...

I can't wait to see your boys in just a month!!! I love those pictures they are growing so fast! Love you so much thanks for the post it was fun to read!